Catalytic Cracking

Training Level : Basic

Training Eligibility : ChE Degree

Training Date:   22-Jun-2020  To  24-Jun-2020 (3 days, Full time)

Training Time:   10:00 AM  To  05:00 PM

Location : Pune Office

70800 (Inclusive of GST)

Process Overview
Process Fundamentals
FCC Reactions
FCC Catalysts
FCC Feedstocks
Key Operating Variables
Building The Process Model
Feed Pre-Heater
FCC Reactor (Riser and Stripper)
Reactor Cyclones
Main Air Blower
FCC Regenerator
Regenerator Cyclones
FCC Main Fractionator
Case Studies
Advantages of Steady State Process Model Using the Process Model in Daily Life Limitations of Steady State Simulation 

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